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How do I use it?

The phone suction case is incredibly simple to use. First, remove the plastic cover from the back of the slip. Then, place the slip onto the back of your phone or phone case. Finally, stick the suction side of the case onto mirrors, window, tiles and any other clean flat surface and start creating content hands-free!

Does it stick to all surfaces?

The suction mount is versatile and can stick to almost any smooth, non-porous surface. It's perfect for sticking to windows, mirrors, metal, laminate, tiles, fridges, varnished wood, plastic, glass and many more non-porus surfaces. Please note, while this suction mount is designed to stick to almost any surface, it may not stick to all of them.

Is it compatible with all phones?

Enjoy seamless compatibility with a variety of popular phone brands, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Note, and more, with our versatile phone mount.

What size it?

The 8.6cm x 5.5cm size of our suction mount is designed to be a perfect fit for the back of any phone.

Where do you ship from?

To ensure faster shipping times, we have warehouses in both Australia and the UK. So you can get creating as soon as possible.